4 Marketo Sales Tools in Marketo Launch Point for all Business Sizes


    Do more and achieve more by integrating sales tools in Marketo. And, Marketo’s sales tools inventory has something for everyone. Marketo Sales Tools have applications for various tasks involved in the sales process in the marketing automation software. Take a look at these Marketo Sales Tools…

    1. Birst
    To have a strategic look at the sales and marketing campaigns, Birst is the First choice of the companies. Companies such as Jive, Citrix, CBS interactive, AT&T, Kellogg’s and American Express are already using Birst to track their marketing campaigns, data involved in it, customer lifecycle, lead cycle, cash cycle, interactions with their prospect on the web and social media channels. Along with that, Birst also offers analytical data enclosure not only from Marketo but also from NetSuite, Salesforce, Social Media Channels, Google analytics and more.

    • Birst, for authentication and data extraction, uses Marketo SOAP API.
    • It offers Bulk extraction of data.
    • Scheduled as well as Realtime Extraction.
    • Data exploration and analysis made easy and user-friendly.

    2. Qvidian Sales Playbook & Analytics
    Knowing the demographics, behavior and the stage of the buyer in the buyer’s journey, the content approach from the marketing point of view changes. Delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time keeps you on the right track for the marketing as well as the sales process. Qvidian Sales Playbook provides that data by fetching the data from other CRM sources and training modules.

    Having all this data means you are halfway through. Your sales team has to use this data to tailor their sales messages. Qvidian Sales Tool, not only fetches this data but also creates Sales Playbook to guide the sales team and also suggest the recommended content, offer, message for the particular lead generated. It simply takes the sales team out from the puzzle and put them where they should be.

    The analytical part of the tool tells the impact your content, offer and message approach has left in the campaign. The insight report generated, tells the strong as well as weak points of the previous plan.

    3. Qualtrics – Marketo Integration
    With over 7k customers, and half of the Fortune 100 companies, Qualtrics is serving some of the leading firms globally. A lead crossing through all the marketing and sales process is what your sales rep want to see. But, the prospects have the tendency to leave at any stage. Qualtrics Sales Tool in Marketo allows you to get feedback from every prospect regardless of the stage he is in. Qualtrics allow you to…

    1. Generate Personalized Surveys for Prospects.
    2. Assign the survey to a particular list prepared for a similar set of prospects.
    3. Analyze the data generated through the surveys.
    4. Take Action based on the generated data.
    5. Distribute or export the list from Marketo.
    6. All that from one tool that is Qualtrics.

    4. Boulder Logic Reference Manager

    • Finding the right customers.
    • Tracking the right customers.
    • Interacting with the right customers.
    • Delivery to the right customers.

    All of that and much more is offered by Boulder Logic Reference Manager when integrated with Marketo. Boulder allows you to do all these tasks via a central dashboard with segmented sections for easy use. The automating options in the Boulder reduce the manual / time-consuming steps in the Workflow. Funneling down the preferred choice of customers, increases the chances of getting good ROI, maximum sales boost up and the customer delight program is enhanced.

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