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    Shooting in the Dark and Hit and Trial games are no more in the online marketing nowadays, specifically in Social Media Marketing. A Decade back, then there was scope for such games because nobody properly knew the essence of these channels. But, marketers after research and development and case studies have developed 3 thumb rules of social media marketing that are applicable on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

    These three platforms do have the maximum user-base as compared to other channels. Cutting down marketing strategies for these channels, we have listed 3 rules that are applied to any of these social media channels.


    1. Build Your Profile Well

    Don’t Step Out Of The House Until You Are Ready For The Party

    Dress up your social media channel by filling as much information as asked in the form while creating a profile or a business page on these channels.

    • Give Proper Descriptions to the page.
    • Use your targeted keywords in the business description.
    • Fill contact information email, phone number, address, website, links to other social media channels and blog page. This increases the credibility of the profile.
    • LinkedIn offers much more space to build the profile and add content there than any other platform. Make full use of it. Write only those things, which you want your audience to read, things that are helpful in industry specific promotion.
    • Upload the Background picture on LinkedIn, Header on Twitter and Cover picture on Facebook as per the dimension mentioned by the each platform. See which part pf the picture is hidden and design your pic in a way so that your message doesn’t get lost in that area.
    • Choose your logo or your latest offering as a profile picture. See how much text is visible even when it is not enlarged.
    • For the Tab section of the Facebook, display what’s best for your business. YouTube Videos, Photos, etc fill in your app section with apt apps. And, do assign a call-to-action on your page.
    • Choose your background on Twitter matching your branding color.


    2. Build Your Fans, Followers, & Connections

    Arrive At The Party And Dazzle Everyone

    Now, when your profile has all the things it needs, it’s time to reach out people. People! That are Fans and Friends on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and Connections on LinkedIn.



    • Get connections for a connection on LinkedIn. Add relevant people, your business prospects, potential future leads in your profile.
    • Daily or alternatively post your industry niche blog and include #Tags in it.
    • Join relevant groups and share your blogs there.
    • Post a blog on company page and share from there to add people on your company page.
    • Keep the track of the impressions, clicks on the blogs and plan ahead for the future blogs.


    • Intermix your informative content with interesting content to grab audience’s attention.
    • Post daily on Facebook
    • Publish/schedule the post in the timezone when people view the post more. You can see these stats in the page insights.
    • Publish Pictorial Posts
    • Pin your best post or the trending post at the top
    • Share your content in the relevant groups.
    • Make good use of # and @ features.
    • Reply in the comments section, resolve queries there
    • Invite friends to the page.
    • See what’s trending and post accordingly


    • Twitter started # algorithm. Make good use of it. Put trending but relevant #tags in your post
    • Incorporate pics, video links, text, @ mention and #tags in your tweet. So, choose your words wisely.
    • Create lists to categorize tweets
    • Follow to get followed
    • Tweet regular and at the best timezone. This you can see in the insights.
    • Re-tweet the posts of your business prospects to start a genuine connection. Add your thoughts to the tweet.

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    3. Paid Advertisement

    Buy A Drink For The Gorgeous In The Party. Put Money Where It’s Worth

    All the three platforms offer paid advertisement option and services of all three are quite effective. But, you need an expert social media pair ad campaign manager to run your ad campaign. Social Media Marketing Campaign Managers at RichestSoft can do that for you.

    Facebook Ads

    • News Feed Ads.
    • Banner Ads.
    • Side Column Ads.
    • Ads to increase Page Likes.
    • Ads to increase Post Likes.
    • Ads for Offers.
    • Ads for Events.
    • Video Ads.

    Twitter Ads

    • Tweet Promotional Ads.
    • Website Cards.
    • Lead Generation Cards.

    LinkedIn Ads

    • Display and Text Ads.
    • Sponsored Ads.
    • Company Ads to increase followers.
    • Group joining Ads

    Generally, it takes a couple of weeks to see the performance of the ads. After seeing the performance, you will need to optimize them for maximum performance.


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