3 Marketing Apps in Salesforce AppExchange You Shouldn’t Miss

Salesforce AppExchange is fully loaded with thousands of apps that are segmented on different basis

Customer Service Education
Sales Government
Marketing Financial Services
Enterprise Resource Planning Manufacturing
Analytics Media & Communications
Collaboration Real Estate
Human Resource Retail
IT & Administration Nonprofits

AppExchange features paid as well as free apps. Here, we are listing 3 marketing apps available in Salesforce AppExchange.

Note: These listed apps are in no particular order of preference

1. Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor offers an easy but strong email marketing solution for businesses. Now, sending a business email and tracking progress is not difficult, all thanks to Campaign Monitor. Test and easily optimize your business emails for better results. With Campaign Monitor, you can

  • Access email statistics directly within Salesforce
  • Email fields mapping with Salesforce
  • Adding Subscribers Automatically

Campaign Monitor helps you run business email marketing campaigns easily and beautifully. Why easily and beautifully? Because the email builder come with drag and drop feature. Just make the selection, drag and drop it in place. And, mobile friendly email templates make email readable for all device users.
Combining Campaign Monitor with Salesforce, you can send you the emails that your contacts want to read. You can sync data, create dashboards and reports, give visibility to sales and marketing.

Integrate AdvocateHub with Salesforce to boost your sales and marketing. With AdvocateHub, you can

  • Capture the leads and track them throughout the sales cycle
  • Choose advocates from Salesforce directly
  • Complete lifecycle management
  • Build a community of advocates
  • Invite partners, customers and employees into the community
  • Advocate profile updates from Salesforce contact record
  • Reference call requests for sales opportunity
  • Create an activity list for each advocate

3. Campaign Calendar
This shared Campaign Calendar in Salesforce offers improved color coding, inline editing, filters, and makes it easy working with campaigns. With Campaign Calendar, you can…

  • Create an interactive & powerful calendar that works great for the webinar, email, the web, and call campaigns.
  • Plan and schedule campaign with drag and drop feature
  • Easily share the campaign with the entire organization
  • Customizable view monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Easy hierarchy setup

Campaign Calendar is free for a 14-day trial. If you like the performance and operation, you can buy it. And, it is definitely worth the investment.

Salesforce itself is a complete platform, but integrating such apps, can really ease the workload and enhance the overall performance of the platform.

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