3 Free Sales Apps on Salesforce App Exchange every Sales Team Needs


    In the second edition in free salesforce apps on Exchange write up, today we are covering 3 free sales app on Salesforce AppExchange. Previously we covered 3 Free Customer Service Apps on Salesforce AppExchange.

    1. Ebsta for Gmail
    Free Gmail and Google Integration with Email Tracking

    • Add emails from Gmail to Salesforce.
    • Track Email Performance; Deliverability and Open Rate.
    • Google Calender and Salesforce syncing.
    • Incorporate Salesforce Templates in Gmail

    It helps in improving the workflow by relating the Salesforce org with LinkedIn. The Gmail plugin is also free. In totality, you can access LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other websites with Ebsta. This brings everything in sync and makes work seamless. Better tracking of the leads and how to pitch the sale to the lead based on the channel from where it came.

    Note: It is free for the first three users only. Then the nominal charges apply.

    2. S-Docs
    Free Document Generator

    1. Generate Invoices.
    2. Create Proposals.
    3. Prepare Statements.
    4. Account Summaries.
    5. Provide Quotes.
    6. Contracts.

    Produce document in any format such as word, Email PDF, Excel, with

    1. No 3rd Party Service.
    2. No 3rd Party Plugin.
    3. E-signature support.
    4. Point and Click Template editors.
    5. HTML5 Support.

    S-Docs is an app that lets you work within Salesforce completely. Again, this app offers better management without leaving your core software. It removes the hassle of switching from software to software to get the work done.

    3. Ebsta

    Free LinkedIn Integration for Salesforce
    Another Ebsta Product in the list that puts your sales team in a better position to get more sales.

    • Easy Access to the Records in Salesforce.
    • Credit Card not Compulsory.
    • Relational Notifications.
    • LinkedIn profiles and Salesforce records access side by side.

    This app is free only for the first 3 users. If your sales representatives keep on shifting from tool to tool, system to system, it will become time consuming and confusing. Data operating and functioning through one combined system eases the task and saves time. Give more power to your sales team to make them sell more.

    We will be covering more apps in the coming editions of this series of the articles. So, stay tuned.

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