3 Free Customer Service Apps on Salesforce AppExchange

    Customer Service is that pillar in the marketing and sales process that can give you an evolutionary advantage over your competitors. Luckily, you have multiple customer service applications in Salesforce AppExchange to offer you in customer service support in marketing automation software. These customer service apps take the pressure off your shoulder and ease the process for you. Here are 3 Salesforce customer service apps on AppExchange for you.

    1. Round Robin Record Assignment

    • Create User Groups.
    • Ownership assignment using ‘Assignment Rule’ feature in the app.
    • Single user in several assignment Groups.
    • Group-wise independent record assignment.
    • Quick Processing.
    • Apex Code for assignment Management.

    Round Robin Record assignment allows you to create user groups and assign authorship based on the standards defined by the operator.

    2. Timba Surveys

    • Create and Customize Surveys.
    • Easy to apply Templates.
    • Pitch Surveys to Salesforce contacts (internal and external), followers, users and leads.
    • Analytical Reporting.
    • Export the built reports.

    Timba Survey app is developed by Altimetrik and is a free native application. It allows you to create and edit surveys using the inbuilt templates and easy point, click and create interface. Then you send out those surveys to the audience. The audience here could be your internal and external contacts, leads, users or followers. You can even reach the non-salesforce users and allow them to respond to the surveys.
    So, let your clients speak up about your products and services. See how much they are satisfied and what they want to be changed. This way you will know about your customers better.

    3. Take Ownership for Cases
    Another free app in the list you should use. Take ownership of the cases with Just One Click. This is done by adding a custom button to the page layout. The regular method of taking ownership was lengthy and time-consuming. Thanks to ‘Take Ownership for Cases’, the process has been decreased to

    1. Adding ‘Take Ownership for Cases’ button to page layout
    2. Single click to take ownership of the page

    If you are a regular case user and people want to own them, you need ‘Take Ownership for Cases’.

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