12 Reasons Why User Uninstalls a Mobile App

    Everyday,our smartphone screen is bombarded with useless notifications.Mainly these notifications distract us from our daily routine activities.Their poor timely forced us to delete that particular app or disable its notification.Have you ever noticed about these useless notifications from various apps? How many those notification do you actually care about? Thus, there are some points that developers must take care during mobile app development, so that user like their app. There are various reasons to uninstall an app. Wasting of time, irregular notifications, etc. are the common reasons.
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    According to the survey, annoying notifications are the  #1 reason to uninstall any app. No doubt, push notifications are good for various businesses.Sometimes,you forget about something important, therefore these notifications work as a reminder as well. Equally, it’s possible to turn this anti-UX pattern into something meaningful and useful both for a business and for a user. To attain good results with push notifications,designers simply requisite a publishing policy that best fits this medium. Below are indispensable reasons that defines why users uninstall apps. These reasons are as follows:

    Avoid sending multiple push messages in a short interval of time:

    The most damaging and common mistake from a usability point of view, is sending users  multiple notifications within a few minutes.Mobile is used for the important purpose not to increase the value of your app. Thus, don’t overwhelm users with push notifications,or they might end up deleting your app altogether.Therefore, Online business marketers always have to be very careful about the design and the language of the message they want to put across. If marketers neglect this important aspect, they fail to communicate with the audience as they lose attention.70% people uninstall app due to annoying push notification.

    Here are some best practices, if you want to get benefit from push notifications and in-app messages:

    • Perform segmentation smartly
    • To increase conversion use rich notifications
    • Includes promotions and offers
    • Personalize the experience
    • Use locations to make them useful.
    • Always test the notification to get the optimal solutions.

    In-App Messaging  Best Practices

    • Send the right message at the right time
    • Avoid long texts
    • Segmenting Users
    • Conduct testing
    • Create event-based triggers to increase engagement

    Unable to fulfill the Promise

    It is always appreciable if you fulfill what you have promised. If your app doesn’t fulfill the promises, it is unavoidable that individuals uninstall it. If it  looks like a small detail, it is one of the most common reasons for uninstalls. Always develop an app according to the user point of view. Your design must be creative and it must have some unique features as well.

    You need to know that what your users think about the efficiency of your mobile app. You can do this by examining the reviews. Never  ever ignore the users reviews. These are helpful to create the app effective.It is also the best way to know about the prospective of the audience.Take this as a serious job and learn if your app fulfills the promise or not. If you are hiring a development team for your app development, hire best mobile app development company so that they guide you in a proper ways.

    Inefficient App Monetization Strategy

    App Monetization is important for the app developers and  for its owner. It is also one of the reasons to uninstall the apps.Therefore, you must aware about the App monetization strategies and how to save yourself from them.Some businesses  developed an amazing app that meets the need of its audience and engages with them.The next step you take into consideration is making your app a source of income.App monetization is the ability of a particular mobile app to produce a revenue.Because of harsh competition, it becomes harder and harder to make an app profitable.Here are the most common monetization strategies:

    • In-App Ads
    • In-App Purchases
    • Premium Model
    • Subscription
    • Sponsorship

    In the beginning, people got trapped in their strategy, but when they came to know about the truth, they get disappointed and uninstall apps and always give true and bad reviews to the other people too.

    Tedious Sign-Up Process

    A prolonged sign-up process is a big turnoff for most users. For the app to beat the installation stage and later engage the user the app should have a quick and easy sign up process. To simplify things further apps can also allow a log in using Facebook, Twitter or Google account.If login process is simple user definitely like it. For example, some app offers guest login also, it is the thing that users like the most.

    Crashes and Errors

     According to one of the survey, it is monitored that unresponsive,freezing and crashing are the bugs that makes users annoy and forced them to uninstall the app.There are many other researches showing how crashes and errors causes the uninstalls. As you can see below, 62% of people uninstall an app if they experience crashes, frozen, or errors. Therefore, it is advised to try to avoid these bugs to make the app successful and user-friendly.

    Not updating the App

    Whenever you see, there is an issue with your app try to fix it as soon as possible.If it is about crashes or the functionality of the app, you should update your app. You need to consider what your users think about your app. When they see that you are not listening to their demands and problems, they leave you forever.For example, you app belongs to the food delivery, but your app has no live tracking system, then people will use another app that has this amazing feature.Therefore, make your app updated according to the demands of the user.

    Intrusive Ads

    Mobile ads are astonishing tools to monetize your mobile app,but when they become disturbing, it leads to uninstalls. Particularly in the gaming category, ads are what operators hate to see, if they don’t provide anything in return. Nowadays, YouTube videos are also featuring unwanted ads.  Research shows that almost 50% of user uninstall apps just because of intrusive advertising. It depressingly affects the user experience by irritating users if you do not use it strategically.

    Privacy Concern

    Privacy is a major concern when set up new apps. Apps that demands too much permissions may get rejected instantly. For e.g. a banking, cab, grocery or services app asking for permission to access the photos and videos on the smart device does not sound too right does it? These things irritate the user and responsible for the negative results.

    To get free space

    Users might get into a uninstall frenzy and discard your app along with a few others, if they need some free space on the phone memory. Sometimes, apps takes too much time to load and it annoys the users. Complex interface apps also deleted by the users as they are unable to operate and understand this app properly.An app gets uninstalled when a user finds it’s not worth the memory its holding.

    Data Usage

    Users don’t like to finish their classy, hi-speed data over apps consecutively in the background. If your app is guilty of consuming up too much data, then the chances of uninstall are much higher than otherwise.

    Drain of Battery

    Most smart phone users criticizes about rapid battery drain. If your app become reason for  battery drain them most of chances are user will uninstall it.Sometimes, loading time of an app is more and it takes more time to load and degrades the batteries.Thus,the user never tolerates the app they are using,consume most of the battery unless it is important to him. Mainly,  people like light weight app which are easy to install and cannot use much battery power.

    Installed a competing app

    There are multiple apps almost for everything that you might want or need. If your user has installed a new app with similar functions and better value, he might uninstall your app. Thus always try to make an app that should be unique and has extraordinary features than the competing app. You must have solid reason why people install your app, if same features are already available in the market.

    Unused App

    If a user hasn’t used your app for a long time, he/she might not need it any more or might have shifted on to another app that provides more aids. Mainly users delete the unused apps.It may be due to space issue.When the user  feels that he does not need them any longer.

    Final Thoughts

    In these days, we have apps for everything such as fitness,shopping,  entertainment etc. Now, you can find app for everything. We used to install and uninstall apps according to the requirements.Much has been established about drawing users to install and stay complicated with an app, but user retention is also of prime significance for the achievement of any app. Uninstalls are one of the leading factors that harmfully affects the victory of an app. If developing an app is not your cup of tea, then hire top mobile app development company to develop a useful app.

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