10 Top Trends of Mobile Application Development in 2018


    It is estimated that  176 billion mobile applications are downloaded per year over 1 billion smartphones. Mobile development is one of the most innovative and highly demanded sectors. With the advent of the technologies, this sector is growing increasingly. With the penetration of the  biggest market and elasticity, mobile devices demonstrate to be the greatest device to be  focused by businesses.

    Market of the mobile application is ruled by Google apps, Social Media and Gaming apps. Amazon,  Walmart and Bank of America is also using mobile applications for branding, customer interaction and for other market strategies as well.  Nowadays, small and large both types of business are highly dependable on the mobile app. The Mobile app development is a complex task and it demands full concentration and dedication.  In this article, we will discuss latest future trends in mobile application development.


    1. Wearable Apps: It is noticed that  29% growth of wearable devices has been improved in 2016 and it has continued till date. Smart wearable  devices demands are increasing day by day.  From Apple’s watch to Microsoft’s Hololens  displays  a big change in computing system and transformation from basic to smart world. These apps are considered more amicable than handheld app.  Their  superior scanning and sensory features make them different from the other devices such as PC and mobile devices.  It plays an important role to improve the user interaction with the App via tapping and voice commands. Partnership of  these wearable devices with mobiles will lead the technology to the next level.  These apps are highly recommendable for the health safety. This sector will permit a wide variety of products and services in the field of sport, fashion, hobbies,fitness and healthcare.
    2. M-commerce:It is believed that in the coming few years, M-commerce will cover most of the sectors. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are popular to help purchases using the mobile phones as an alternative of debit or credit cards. This app promotes cashless money facilities and it is innovative idea too. Now, developers need to develop an app for the transaction without  deals with physical cards or cash. If this sector, coupled with wearable apps, payment of m-commerce will take a  different shape. In future, wearables will also play a key role  for mobile payments and purchaser loyalty.Top mobile app development companies currently focus on this sector to provide better future facilities to the user.
    3. Instant Apps:Google is launching new features in Android devices known as instant apps.  BY using this app you can access the app without actually downloading it. It can save your time, memory and data pack as well. Moreover, it is fastest process, just open the app, access it and finish without taking time to download the app. With the help of playstore ,you can try the mobile app using the play store and download it only if they sense the need and have the essential storage. Buzzfeed,Wish, Viki and Periscope are the forerunner apps to take this advantage.
    4. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days.It is transforming our lives in every sector.It’s main aim is to develop machines that work like humans to do the task, such as speech recognition, self-learning, problem solving, etc.Its fast growth is an evidence to the authenticity that Al in mobile apps will have an important edge. Recommendation system and Chatbots are the most demanding features of the AI. From Apple’s Siri to the Tesla’s driverless cars all are using Artificial Intelligence.
    5. Internet of Things (IoT):There is no shred of doubt in it that IoT will one of the top trends in 2018.  It’s  sensor technologies allow automation,  emote control and monitoring in non-IT devices. Most of the IoT devices already rely on the mobile devices for the data collection and its synchronization. It will help to boost mobile app development
    6. Cloud based Application Development: Direct cloud interaction with  mobile apps  is helpful to transform the smartphone industry.Cloud computing services are reliable, maximum collection, high-speed and provide storage to the users.  With the help of cloud computing users can store their data on the centralized clouds and can access its services on the desktop, mobile, notebook and many more devices.
    7. Location based Services:Most of the smartphones have location enable services that are capable to sense the exact location of the person. To locate indoor location, we need some parameters like WiFi, Ultrasonic Beacons, geomagnetic and images, etc.Ubers, Ola and many other food delivery app such as Zomato, Swiggy are using this feature and  their business is developing day by day, because their delivery rate has been improved gradually.
    8. Cross-Platform Development: There are various apps that can be used for numbers of mobile application such as Android, blackberry, IOS, etc. They are playing important role in the mobile app development as these are easily affordable and also improve the speed of the app development.Basically, these applications used common programming language such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    9. Battery efficient and Lite apps:Starting from Android 6 to Android 8, apps are light weighted and take less and less time to complete a task.Doze mode is activated, when user block the screen. It helps to reduce battery consumption by conceding background CPU and network activity when the device is unused for long time period. Lite apps are helpful and are fast for loading pages. Moreover, these lite versions consume lesser batteries as well.
    10. Lazy Loadng: If the app is slow, then user dislikes it and never return to your app again. Some app takes too much time to load due to the size of the images it contains. According to the Lazy loading concept, the image only loads when it turns comes on the page and you can see the rest of the article instantly. Main advantage of this app that it takes minimum time for startup and consume minimum consumption. Although this concept is amazing, but its programming code is really tough.

    In 2018, mobile app development has gained a huge amount of popularity and try to make our life comfortable. Over the next few years, mobile application development services will be used almost in every sector such as manufacturing..automobile, transportation and healthcare etc.

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