10 Main Importance of Email-Marketing in Mobile App Development


    No doubt, you have created a mobile app with amazing features. But what is the essence of such app if it fails in the market.  The fact is if you saw the need and then created an app to provide the solution to that particular need. There is no way you can meet this need without app downloads by its supposed users. Hence, the need for result-oriented strategies targeted at driving app downloads and use. Therefore, a proper planning and strategies are important in the mobile app development for the success of an app.

    What is Email Marketing?

    Email marketing is a  unique type of direct marketing.  Hence, you can communicate with the app user via electronic mail. In a simple way, any mail that you are sending to your to the app user is an email marketing. In this email, you convince the users to download and use your app. The main aim of this email is to develop a solid and positive relationship with your customers. Thus, it encourages continuous app use, which leads to app user’s loyalty. Today, most top app development companies use email marketing in driving app downloads. This has helped such developers churn successful apps in the market.

    Any email sent to the customer or a potential customer for the sake of doing business can be termed as an email marketing. Email marketing is any action by the businesses of sending email to the customers for the sake of the commerce.

    Basically, email marketing is of two types:

    1. Transactional Emails
    2. Direct e-mails

    Transactional emails are related to the business emails those are triggered due to a previous contact between the customer and business. These emails result of a previous action by customers in a business.  They are basically used to develop a relationship between customer and businesses. Transactional emails can be in the form of an email appreciating a customer for a purchase or can be confirmed an order made by the customer, or it can be for a password reset or a sales receipt. These emails are related to providing more information about what they created.  This type of emails can be used to enhance sales as these emails also carry promotional messages related to other products.

    On the other hand, direct emails are not pre-empted by the action of the customers. These emails, purely for promotional purposes. These emails could be sent to those customers who have subscribed to the mailing list or they have entered their email during their previous purchase. In some cases, some of the businesses buy or rent an email list and forward promotional messages to them. Although it is not the right way, as it will make customer annoy and they can unsubscribe the channel.

    Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns available. If your business has not started utilizing email marketing to garner sales and build relationships with customers, then the earlier it begins the better. Below are 10 reasons email marketing is so effective for top mobile app development companies.

    • Cost almost nothing

    Email marketing is one of the most affordable marketing options available in the market. It cost from you nothing to just a few rupees or bucks, but give huge returns.  Email can be sent free of cost to the customers or an app development company can subscribe to or buy any software for emailing that allows to track and monitor the sent emails for effectiveness.

    Track Easily

    Special software can be used in the email marketing that allows the email sent to be tracked and monitored easily. An app development company has a complete idea of how many of their emails were opened by the customers and how many their links ere links have been clicked. Email marketing allows businesses to make immediate changes when it is observed that the emails are not performing as effectively as they should. This is not easily available in another channel where you can track and monitor your activities and modification can be done so easily.

    • Targeting Easily

    Email marketing allows mobile app development companies to send an email to the customers who want such types of emails sent to them such as to Android users only or to iOS users only. The appropriate method of email marketing is to send emails to subscribers and not to buy or rent email lists.  This type of the method helps to increase the chances of customers to choose any positive method for marketing. For other marketing channels like television, radio, and magazine, their targeting is not as precise.

    • Segmented Easily

    Email marketing does not have only one purpose to target particular customers, but it also allows them to divide them into particular segments. It helps to increase the chances of the sale.  Instead of it, it also helps to save cost as only the potential customers get the emails.

    For example, if a development company is working for the app, i.e. women ovulation, then an email will send to the women only. If an offer is only available in certain parts of a country, residents of that area can be the only ones who will get the email.

    The Company collects an adequate information if they want this feature works properly and give a better output.

    • Easy to share

    Most emailing software agencies incorporate social media sharing buttons into their emails, giving the customers the ability to share offers with their friends, family, and followers who may be interested. This helps to generate a multiplier effect and have the ability to tremendously improve sales. In comparison, other marketing channels hardly offer the ease of sharing as email marketing does.

    •  Create Easily

    Email marketing is one of the easiest marketing channels. This does not require any type of skills to handle. This work does not require any technical and can be created within a few minutes or seconds. Most of the emailing software provides drag and drop features. Although some transactional or direct emails come with videos, images, and logos, this does not determine its effectiveness.  A well-written email affects lot it motivates the person in positive terms.

    • Global Access

    Email marketing allows businesses to reach customers in every corner of the world. It offers one of the widest reaches in the media marketing an at second position in the social media. Email marketing allows businesses to reach customers in any part of the world.

    • Investment

    One of the major cost that any businesses spend is in the advertisement of the app. It spent millions of dollars or rupees yearly and products on the pages of magazines and on television, this can prove to be challenging with many funds. Email marketing offers an alternative that is beneficial to both small and large businesses. With a small investment in emailing software, businesses can get a substantial return on investment.

    • Satisfying Consequence

    The cyber world gets noisy day by day. There is huge competition in this sector. If your business is offering a number of services and products, thus the other businesses also offering the same. Your service and product must be different and unique among all. In such a scenario, holding customers’ attention is imperative to the sustenance of your business. Email marketing via newsletters allows your app development company to remain fresh in the minds of your customers. Your style of email writing must unique and powerful which satisfy the customers and they are willing to buy your product.

    • Ease of Purchase

    Email marketing offers one of the easiest means of buying goods. With a well-crafted email that makes good use of customer psychology, customers can download apps with just two to three clicks of a button. Emails can suggest links that lead directly to the checkout page, thus increasing sales. Compared to other marketing media hardly would you find a channel that allows such ease of purchase.

    Advantages of Email Marketing

    Today,  it is noticeable that email marketing ruin due to social media.  Unfortunately,  social media is taking its place and has become the most used marketing tools in the world. Here are a few advantages email marketing offers your app over conventional marketing.

    • It helps to track the exact ROI of your email campaigns.
    • Ability to reach massive potential app users from all over the world.
    • It gives the opportunity to segment your mail lists and emails.


    Statistics tell that people will open only those emails on their phone which are well optimized. So the style of writing an email matters a lot. There are many templates that are more specialized and perfect for the mobile application. With a small investment in emailing software, businesses can get a substantial return on investment. This helps to generate a multiplier effect and have the ability to tremendously improve sales.

    If you have any query regarding mobile app development services, you can contact the best mobile development company for it.

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