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AR Application development provides a new way to connect with consumers and the world around us. Richestsoft is a leading Augmented reality app development company offering applications that include AR technologies that are highly marketable in the opening phase. We have excellent and experienced Augmented reality app developers who provide high-quality services to customers according to their needs. We are available to our customers in case they need any kind of assistance from us. Our organization initiates the development of AR applications and the development of augmented reality web applications. These apps will draw your attention to the product and be a small part of an amazing marketing campaign for augmented reality app development.

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Image Visibility Based AR

  • It is one of the earliest forms of AR developed and still in use due to the low resources required to use it. In this type of AR application development, the user needs to scan a piece of paper with a pre-selected image on it, and things will live on in your life.

Location-based AR

  • This will help you maintain big complex machines with their uncountable joints and connections spread across a wide area. This app will scan a particular joint you wish to know more about.

Projection-based AR

  • This is the most advanced and innovative type of AR technology. This technology has the ability to change the way we interact with our equipment by pressing certain buttons or by sliding our fingers on other touch screens.

Superimposition- based AR

  • This type of AR is also similar to AR-based image recognition. The only difference can be in the location of the paper with the image on it, you can directly point your smartphone camera into the real thing, and the object will be elevated upwards. AR Content gives you all the necessary information you would like to know.

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